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Welcome to the fluff store – it is great to have you here! This is your source for exiting sewing and DIY projects for yourself, your babies or kids and your beloved ones. Come in and craft some awesome stuff!

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  • Carbatips Carbataps Roman shoes DIY pattern and instructions

    Carbatips & Carbataps
    Roman shoes bundle package

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  • Carbatips DIY roman shoes for kids

    Roman shoes for kids

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  • Carbataps DIY roman shoes for adults

    Roman shoes for adults

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  • License agreement for fluffy sewing courses

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  • Pattern & sewing instructions for barefoot shoes to make yourself

    Barefoot shoes for adults

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  • Sewing pattern & sewing instructions for DIY barefoot shoes

    Barfeoot shoes for children

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  • Sewing pattern & sewing instructions for DIY barefoot shoes

    Bigtaps & Tiptaps
    barefoot shoes bundle package

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  • sewing patterns and sewing instructions for diy woolen diaper cover

    Onesize wool diaper cover

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About me and the fluff store

The fluff store offers you easy-to-understand sewing instructions and fit-optimized patterns for babies and families interested in ecologically sustainable living. With our eBooks you can easily sew your own cloth diapers, clothes to keep your baby out of diapers and everything you need to know about sustainable diapers. In addition to the cloth diapers, we also offer a few instructions and models on baby carriers: with a little patience and hard work, you can sew your own! Additionally, the fluff store also offers patterns and instructions for the comfiest underwear that you have ever worn (Boxershorts for men and boys, panties for women and girls). And last but not least, several diy instructions for barefoot shoes (adults and children models) have been added! Sew your own shoes? Yes, fluff store shows you that too! Most of the instructions are available in German, but we are working on the English translations right now.

Our top priorities for our instructions and patterns are comfort and a good fit. Nothing chafes at fluff and there are few or no hot spots or pressure points, especially with the cloth diapers. The different systems and instructions are well tested, functional and suitable for everyday use. The eBooks allow for a lot of individual freedom so that you have the ability to be creative with the “guiding advice” of our instructions.

It is especially important for us that you can customize your items to your individual needs. That’s why we basically present different processing options and variations, so that you can modify your project to fit your needs and sizing. In the meantime you will learn a lot about sewing. If you’ve worked through a few of our eBooks, you can make exactly what you need from any cut.

About Me – and how I ended up sewing cloth diapers

Who is behind the fluff store? Me: Beate, 34 years old, actually a psychologist and a single mom of two girls; chronic world-improver, creatively active and since the birth of my eldest in 2011, addicted to sewing.

My first daughter used conventional disposable diapers. During my second pregnancy, I discovered cloth diapers and with this discovery, I realized: changing diapers can be fun!

After reviewing different systems and cloth diaper brands, I decided to sew them myself. As time went by, I had more and more ideas and patterns that I wanted to share with other sewing moms. I went through so many attempts, pattern designs and ideas… then I went through more… and more, and more until my patterns were good enough to share. After the end of my family´s need for diapers, I ventured into other sewing projects. One example is my new focus on barefoot shoes. Let’s see where the journey takes us.