Roman shoes for kids

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Roman shoes for children, EU size 18 – 37, digital pattern and DIY instructions


Roman shoes for children – pattern for comfortable barefoot shoes

Barefoot fans watch out! The fluff store has a new pattern for super cozy, lightweight and comfortable barefoot shoes: Carbatips!

What are Carbatips Roman shoes?

The Carbatips are barefoot shoes modeled on the “Roman shoes” Carbatinae. These ankle-high shoes with lacing were widely used in the Roman Empire and are a type of shoe that continued to be common until the first millennium AD. Like the original Carbatinae, the Carbatips are made from a single piece of leather or a vegan leather alternative. Here is more exciting information about the Carbatinae.

For whom are the Carbatips shoes suitable?

Actually for almost everyone! The pattern is available here for mini feet in size 18 up to large children’s feet in size 37 (and of course all shoe sizes in between). For those who want an even larger pattern, please check out the Carbataps for adults. Carbatinae are perfect for barefoot fans, as they are lightweight, hug the foot in a comfortable way and allow for a great ground feel – almost like walking barefoot. The Carbatips pattern follows the natural shape of the foot (unlike some buyable Roman shoes) and leaves enough room for the toes. The pattern can be easily adapted to different foot shapes – you can find the instructions in the detailed ebook.

And how hard is it to make your own Roman shoes ?

The Roman shoes for kids are easy peasy to make! They are the perfect DIY shoe project for people who can not or do not want to sew, because you do not even need a sewing machine for these shoes. Print out the pattern, cut to size. Join the individual shoe pieces by hand with a leather strap and glue them together. Optionally, glue on a rubber sole. That’s it! The whole thing takes about 2 hours. Slip in and enjoy the barefoot feeling. 🙂

What do you need for your first homemade Roman shoes?

  • leather (1-3mm, not too stiff) or a vegan leather alternative (pineapple leather, cork fabric, neoprene…)
    • important: your material must be “pretty” from both sides. If it is not, you can glue two layers together left to left and process them this way
  • good scissors, if necessary rotary cutter
  • Punch pliers or punch for the holes; alternatively a pointed awl
  • cord, shoelace, paracord ribbon, leather strap or similar for lacing
  • Optional: sole plate, depending on preferences 4-6 mm (Vibram sole or similar), Kövulfix glue or another contact glue, paintbrush

Sounds good? Then go for it! … Not quite convinced yet? Take a look at the lookbook in advance.

Disclaimer: Neither the eBook author, nor distributor can be held liable in any way, shape or form, for any damages or injuries that may occur while attempting to utilize the instructional eBook. Nor can the author and/ or distributor be held liable for any inaccuracies or mistakes contained within the instructional eBook. This product includes only the eBook and no materials, tools or products in any form other than the digital eBook.

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