Barfeoot shoes for children

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This “make your own shoes” eBook is over 100 pages and intended for intermediate to advanced sewists that would like to sew their own minimal, barefoot shoes for CHILDREN. (Adults’ barfootshoes and a bundle of both adults’ and children’s barefootshoes are available too.) It is a very detailed DIY eBook with photos and patterns for sizes from EU 17-36 (USA children’s shoe sizes 1-13.5 and youth sizes 1-3).


Tiptaps- Children’s Barefoot / Minimalist Shoes DIY eBook

With this DIY Barefoot Shoe eBook you can create and sew a totally individual pair (or multiple pairs) of high-quality minimalist shoes for your children and their friends! Our detailed eBook includes instructions for 3 varieties: leather with lining, leather without lining and a cloth version (if you want your shoes to be vegan!). With our instructional make your own shoes eBook, you will find extensive tips and tricks, as well as examples of our own experiences during our sewing.

These shoes fulfill all of the “barefoot shoe” criteria, namely, lots of toe box space, a totally bendable sole (in all directions) and zero shoe drop or rise.

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to download your eBooks. Please do not delete this email. If you lose the eBook pdf data, you can always redownload them from your email link! 🙂

Also included in your purchase is a portfolio full of photos with over 180 design examples, a sizing template, information for required material and tips for upcycling/ repurposing existing materials (e.g. leather).

What is needed for these selfmade barefootshoes?

For all versions of shoes described in the eBook, the following items are required:

  • printer
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • high quality thread
  • temporary spray adhesive
  • trick markers, tailor’s chalk, water-soluble felt-tip pens, etc.
  • Eyelets, 4 mm diameter, with corresponding tools
  • Prym Vario pliers (or similar)
  • Hammer
  • sole sheet, 1.8-4mm
  • Kövulfix glue / shoo goo / contact leather glue / barge cement
  • shoelaces

Additonal required items for the complete fabric version (vegan version):

  • robust cotton fabric (jeans, canvas, poplin, corduroy; special fabrics such as Etaproof or Oilskin)
  • textile adhesive
  • pinking shears
  • Awl (5 mm)
  • optional: Bondaweb (Iron-on adhesive on paper carrier)
  • optional: fusible interlining H 250, Thermolam or batting
  • to waterproof the vegan version: Nikwax

For the leather shoe version:

  • thin clothing leather (1.0-1.4 mm)
  • piercing tools
  • optional: leather sewing needles and stronger thread (e.g. Alterfil L 60)
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Teflon or walking foot

For the lined version:

  • wool broadcloth, fleece or another cozy, non-fraying and non-stretching fabric for the lining

Time and experience required to make these barefoot shoes:

The Tiptaps are not a project that you can complete without focus or some experience (very patient people can learn as they go if they do not have any experience but it is not intended to be a beginner´s eBook). A very experienced sewist can complete a pair of the leather shoes in maybe 4-6 hours but other variations can take a lot longer, even for someone with experience so be prepared for a bigger project.

Material costs:

The costs are entirely dependent on what tools you already have (sewing machine, threads, etc), what materials you choose for the uppers (leathers and cloths) and what material you choose for the soles (e.g. if you use a Vibram brand sole or a Toughtek, etc).

For all of you that like to use videos to sew, here is a great “help video” in German. You can get subtitles in English by clicking on the “CC” button then the “settings/gear” button and changing the language to English:


Disclaimer: Neither the eBook author, nor distributor can be held liable in any way, shape or form, for any damages or injuries that may occur while attempting to utilize the instructional eBook. Nor can the author and/ or distributor be held liable for any inaccuracies or mistakes contained within the instructional eBook. This product includes only the eBook and no materials, tools or products in any form other than the digital eBook.


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