Onesize wool diaper cover

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Wonderfluff is a wool diaper cover that grows along with your child.

  • Clever grow-along solution, which will get you through the entire diaper wearing years
  • Save money: matererials to craft one diaper will cost about $10
  • Can be sewn with optional decorative fabric on the outside
  • Individual style: two sewing design options, two closure options, various modifications and tricks
  • Richly illustrated eBook containing the sewing pattern and detailed easy-to-understand sewing instructions in English and German


Here we have the Wonderfluff – your favorite wool diaper sewing pattern!

The wonderfluff will become your new favorite wool diaper! With this pattern you can sew a snap or velcro wool overpant in one-size-fits-all, optionally with a decorative jersey on the outside. Due to an ingenious grow-with-your-child system, the DIY Wool Diaper fits children from birth until diaper free age (approx. from 3.5/ 8lbs – 19kg/ 42lbs).

The best thing about it: wonderfluff gets by without using downsizing snaps or having that annoying bunching and  tangling of fabric in the diaper. At first it fits great over panty diapers (whose use is recommended for newborns with their soft stool anyway) and later it can be used as a slim prefold over-pant.  

We recommend our fluffeluff and fluff enough fitted diapers to put under the wonderfluff for your newborn. All sizes up to size M will fit under wonderfluff, sometimes even L works (depending on your materials). If you prefer fitted diaper covers, please take a look at the fluffomat pattern (unfortunately the eBook is only in German currently but English is coming soon!). If you prefer a multi-size pattern (which sits much slimmer in the smaller sizes) or a woollen diaper with the option of a comfortable waistband, the fluffomat is for you.

About the wonderfluff eBook

The wonderfluff eBook includes a well-engineered pattern (in one-size-fits-all with a great fit) and a richly illustrated and step-by-step sewing instruction in German and English. The eBook offers two product design options and two closure options in detail. Additionally you will find short descriptions of more variations and sewing tricks from our creative sample sewing people!

What do you need to sew your wool diaper cover?

  • the printed-out wonderfluff pattern
  • a stretchy, knitted wool fabric, alternatively a stretchy, not-too- thin sweater made from pure wool, merino wool or cashmere (not felted)
  • optional: stretchy, decorative fabric (jersey, interlock or french terry)
  • sewing machine and jersey or superstretch needles
  • narrow elastic band for the leg openings (e.g. Dritz 3/8 braided elastic)
  • a wider elastic band for the waist band
  • Snaps and/or hook-and-loop/ velcro
  • Interfacing fabric or woven fabric and fusible webbing (Vliesofix, Stitch witchery or Wonderunder) for reinforcing the area around the snaps (applicable only for snap version)
  • After completion: lanolin 

How log will it take to sew your wonderfluff wool diaper?

wonderfluff is an easy project. If you have some experience in the field of sewing diapers, you can make your wonderfluff in about 30 to 90 minutes. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or suggestions.

Disclaimer: We assume no liability for damages resulting from the content and use of this ebook. In addition, fluff store assumes no liability for errors in the manual.


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