anatomical socks

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Sewing instructions and pattern for barefoot friendly, anatomical socks in EU sizes 10/11-51/52.


Sew anatomical socks yourself!

The flümpfe are a new and terrific fluff store pattern that teaches you how you can sew your own foot-friendly socks! Have you ever noticed that feet are not perfectly rounded at the front, but socks are? “Not cool,” say my barefoot shoe fans. In conventional socks, the toes are squeezed together contrary to their freedom-loving nature but with the flümpfe pattern and eBook, we show you how to give the freedom back to your toes!

The cut for your future favorite socks comes in tiny double sizes 10/11 (which fits newborn babies) and also in giant foot sizes 51/52 – and of course everything in between. During the development we tried to minimize the number of seams in order to reduce possible pressure points. Due to the anatomical shape there is – unlike other patterns for sewing socks yourself – one right and one left sock each so your individual feet can receive individually made socks!

In the usual fluff store manner, the ebook contains various variation possibilities and sewing tips. One chapter is dedicated to the cut adjustment so that you can fit your socks perfectly to your feet. Furthermore, you can sew your fluff socks not only from different materials (jersey, sweat, fleece, wool fabrics of all kinds and wool-silk) or turn your old wool sweaters into self-sewn socks. You can also freely choose the height of your self-sewn socks: from sneaker socks to knee-high socks, everything is possible. Optionally you can strengthen the heel so that your socks last longer. And if you like, you can sew animal faces or socks especially for toe separator shoes (like our huaraches).

And brand new: This cut works with the Pattarina App!

What do you need?

  • Jersey or another, well stretchable fabric (woolen knitted fabrics, wool-silk jersey, stretchy fleece, stretchy sweatshirt… Upcycling tip: old wool sweaters!)
  • Cuffs or decorative elastic bands
  • Sewing machine with jersey or superstretch needle, matching colored thread
  • Pins, fabric scissors etc.

Time you need to sew your own socks:

In their simple version the flümpfe are sewn relatively quickly. Please allow about 30 minutes for your first pair. The sewing time will increase if you apply animal faces, for example. If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Disclaimer of Liability: We do not accept liability for any damages resulting from the content and use of this ebook. Furthermore we do not take any liability for errors in the manual.



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